Why I Don’t Write Anymore

It’s been awhile since I published anything.

Nobody is reading….but the fact remains.

Anyway, I figured I’d explain why and see if any of you struggle with the same thing and might have some input on the matter.

Niche down, baby

That’s the battle cry of the day isn’t it?

“You’ve got to pick something and focus on it.”

“Attract your tribe.”


I’ve got more to share with the world than my obsession with entrepreneurship or my adventures being a dad.

I want to share my passion about cars.

I want to connect with you about puzzles.

I want to bond over our shared love of coffee.

My poor fashion sense.



Keeping pets.

Saving money.

Life hacks.



I don’t fit in a box

It’s impossible to maintain separate channels for each of these interests (just to name a few). Hell, it’s hard for me (and most people, I hear) to maintain just¬†one.¬†

But I can’t fathom distilling what I share down to a single interest.

This is my struggle. I don’t write about anything because I want to write about everything.


There must be some way to marry all these things together. Or tackle them on a smaller scale than maintaining blogs/videos/etc for each.

Do any of you deal with this? If so, what have you found to be a reasonable solution?


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  1. Well, I’m reading your posts, because they RESONATE like a gong in my soul! And this is yet another one that evokes the most poignant of responses from my being…thank you for keeping it real, son! <3

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