It’s time to add some fuel to your fire

Tell me if this doesn’t ring true for you on some level:

There’s something you have always wanted to do. You see other people doing it successfully.

Then you realize many of those “other people” are younger than you or right around your age.

You’re not stupid so you know what they’ve created takes time.

This leads to getting down on yourself because you’re already behind the curve and you begin to wonder if it’s even worth trying to do that thing anymore.

With each passing day, you grow more anxious.

“I haven’t made any progress. I’m going so slow. I’m already behind. Why try?”

I’ve been there and it sucks.

To be honest, I’m there right now.

know the online information “industry” is still blowing up big-time.

And I know that personal branding is more important now than ever before.

But I see so many other people in their late teens and early twenties absolutely killing it, living the life I want to live, while I’m over here giving up (temporarily) on entrepreneurship and killing myself to find another corporate web development job at 28 years old.

I’ll be honest with you all: I’m not really a prideful person but I simply can’t seem to shake the “I’m too late” mentality and I’m embarrassed that I’ve failed so many times to create my ideal life for myself and my son.

So…what’s this got to do with you?

Some of you reading this can identify, at least to some degree, with this feeling of being late to the party.

I want to encourage you, not as a superior being that’s already “made it”, but as someone just like you.

Someone that is still fighting, in the face of years of failures and ridicule of family and friends and colleagues.

There is hope.

We all grow in our own time.

As hard as it is, those of you with the fire inside you know that fire is worth feeding for as long as it takes to become an inferno.

We can’t imagine life any other way. Without our flame we serve no purpose.

We exist to grow our own inferno and light new flames of inspiration in those around us.

Real world fire-lighting:

I recently connected with Brad Cameron, founder of the incredibly successful Build Your Empire brand on Instagram.

He happened to be doing some promotional work for Daniel DiPiazza‘s new book, “Ditch your average job, start an epic business, and score the life you want”, which distills down all the incredible content Daniel’s shared over the years through the Rich20Something brand.

I jokingly suggested Brad should send me a book simply because I wanted it and couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on it (yes….finances are tight right now….don’t lie, you’ve been there).

My joke didn’t end up being very funny. Instead, I received Daniel’s book all the way from Australia a week later.

I read through it in a day and is why I’m now writing this post.

It served to renew the drive within me to continue pushing despite the hardships.

Though seemingly insignificant now, with a tiny readership (huge thanks to my 5 subscribers) and lackluster consistency, it’s a stepping stone to the goal I know is waiting for me down the line.

And this stepping stone, this post that breaks the recent stagnation of my progress, would not be happening without Daniel spending his valuable time writing his book and Brad choosing to so freely give to strangers that bother him on Instagram.

You make the world a better place.

To those of you still struggling, as I am: continue to remind yourself that you are capable of so much more than where you’re at right now.

You have the potential, just like Daniel and Brad and numerous others, to impact thousands of lives in incredible ways.

That is your legacy. You only have to want it bad enough.

To those of you, like Daniel and Brad,  that are already making huge waves and positively affecting people’s lives on a daily basis: thank you.

We’re all making the world a better place and there’s no greater group of people that I’d rather consider myself a part of.

Action plan:

I want to make myself accountable to all of you and, in turn, be someone that can hold you accountable during your own growth towards greatness. That starts with getting to know each other better.

I’d love to get to know you. If you’d like to get to know me so we can help each other out, fill out the form below and I’ll shoot you an email. I can’t wait to talk to you!

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