How to Live With Purpose

I’ve come so far from where I was a year ago. A year from now I’ll hardly recognize my present self.

Discover your future self

I spent many years of my life without a clear vision of who I wanted to become. What a waste of time.

Without knowing where you’re going, you can never hope to arrive.

This past year was a whirlwind of drastic changes. I realized I wasn’t living the life that I wanted nor was I on the right track to attain it. I did some serious soul-searching and was brutally honest with myself about what it was that I care about. I discovered I was serving myself instead of pursuing a life of helping others and one can only carry on with that so long before one gets burnt out.

Spend some time exploring the things that make your insides smile. Find the things that make others smile. Envision yourself a year from now smiling inside and out, surrounded by happy people. Discover who that version of you is and pin it to the front of your brain so you can work towards that “you” every day.

Don’t simply exist

Having an acute awareness of the passage of time and the frailty of life is both a blessing and a curse.

On one hand, it can be somewhat disheartening to watch the waves of change happening around me, most of which I have no control over. On the other hand, there’s no better motivation to accomplish something great than to put a deadline on it.

My son growing into a young man. Technology consuming absolutely everything. Businesses rising and falling. Entire industries coming alive as others are crumbling in a matter of months. It all serves as a constant reminder that my time here is progressing steadily to its conclusion.

At the same time, though, it is this steady progression towards the inevitable close that drives me to so fervently pursue my goals day in and day out. My motivation is knowing at the end of every day I’ve given all that I can to make the world a little better for my son.

You’ve got to find your motivation. Otherwise, you simply exist.

Find support, be support

It is said “no man is an island”. We all need a bit of help from time to time. I can speak from experience; I’ve had to depend on others more times than I can count.

I covered it extensively in my post “How to Be a Planet“, but it bears repeating: you become more like those you surround yourself with. Finding people that will encourage you and push you along the path to that future self you have envisioned is crucial.

Similarly, acting as a support structure for others pursuing their future selves along your journey will help keep you accountable to yourself as well as aid in strengthening your resolve.

Make today count

Getting where you want to go is really very simple:

  1. Find out where you want to go (discover your future self)
  2. Spend every day pursuing that goal (don’t simply exist)
  3. Make it easy on yourself (find support, be support)

Time waits for nobody. The sooner you put these steps to work, the sooner you’ll be living the life you really want to be living. Start today and make your future self proud.

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  1. Wow, you never cease to amaze me!! Those are some absolutely stunning insights–and some brutal transparency…you have a gift!

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