How to Launch a Youtube Series

How to launch a youtube series

Launching a Youtube series is no simple task. Ask me how I know. I’ll tell you:

I’m currently in the process of getting the pilot put together for a series I’ve been stoked about for a long time…and I’m already stressed about it.

The prospect of putting together a long-running Youtube series, continually putting out new episodes, and watching the community engagement grow with every show is exciting. Especially when you know your idea is one that has the potential to catch fire.

Unfortunately, it’s not all rice krispies and ho-hos (i.e. totally awesome) when you really get into the weeds and start doing it.

It’s actually work…Work Harder

This is a real kicker that I don’t think many people consider while they’re psyching themselves up on the idea.

This is gonna blow up! Who wouldn’t want to watch this!?

You may be absolutely right, but nobody is going to watch it if nobody actually produces it. It’s your baby, so that falls squarely on you.

If you’re not willing to actually put in the hours and the efforts to produce something you can be proud of, don’t even consider it. Youtube has enough junk on it as it is.

People won’t care for awhile

Even if you have produced something epic, you’re gonna have to grind out a number of installments before anyone starts to pay attention.

This is assuming, of course, that you don’t have a massive marketing budget. You’re relying on organic traffic to get traction, which means you’re going to have to get your hands dirty with some guerilla marketing tactics.

That means figuring out who your target audience is, where their attention is online, and how you can sneak a piece of that attention. Slowly, but surely, you’ll get eyes. And slowly, but surely, those eyes will start to do your marketing for you, assuming you’re putting out quality content.

You have to actually enjoy it

This is huge.

If I hear someone say you’ve got to enjoy everything you do in life, I’ll be the on screaming “YES!” at the top of my lungs. Life’s just way too short to spend on stuff you couldn’t care less about. If you disagree, you’re wrong.

Be realAside from that philosophical point, there’s the practical component:

People can tell when you’re not being 100% yourself. It’s something in the micro-movements in your face, the unconvincing video description, the sub-par video production, the lack of confidence in your voice, and a million other things.

If you’re not being real with yourself and your potential audience, you’ve already lost them.

If you’re going to be in front of the camera, prepare to get really real with the camera. If you won’t be featured in the video, make sure that you are in love with whatever the final product is. There’s no way you can expect anyone else to love it if you don’t.


Is it actually worth it?

That’s all up to you. Come to terms with why you’re creating your Youtube series.

Do you want to change people’s lives?

Do you want to make money?

Do you want to practice your craft?

Do you want to teach people?

Do you want to entertain?

Understand what you’re doing it for and put systems in place to measure whether or not you’re achieving those goals as time progresses (a topic for another blog or two, methinks).

Now get out there and make a kick ass Youtube series for the rest of us!

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