My Grandpa Died Today

My Grandpa Died Today

It’s September 28th, 2017.

Facebook told me at 4:02 this afternoon I was tagged in a photo.

It was a collage of pictures of my Grandpa.

One was recent. One looked to be about a decade old.

And one held a Grandpa I hardly recognized.

He looked dapper. He looked fit.

He’d aged a bit between then and the time of my first recollection of him.

I knew what the photos meant before I read the words, but refused to accept until my eyes processed them.

He was gone. Continue reading “My Grandpa Died Today”

It’s time to add some fuel to your fire

Time to add some fuel to your fire

Tell me if this doesn’t ring true for you on some level:

There’s something you have always wanted to do. You see other people doing it successfully.

Then you realize many of those “other people” are younger than you or right around your age.

You’re not stupid so you know what they’ve created takes time.

This leads to getting down on yourself because you’re already behind the curve and you begin to wonder if it’s even worth trying to do that thing anymore.

With each passing day, you grow more anxious.

“I haven’t made any progress. I’m going so slow. I’m already behind. Why try?” Continue reading “It’s time to add some fuel to your fire”

Why I’m renting a room from my baby mama and her husband

Why I'm renting

It’s 7:30 in the morning. My son yells from the other room, “Daddy, I have to go pee.”

I manage to grumble only half-audibly, “Ok, dude, go pee”, while wondering why he still insists on notifying me every time this incredible event occurs.

The static electricity builds up as I shuffle in my mismatched socks down the hallway. The drip drip drip of the Keurig and the aroma of coffee brings a much-needed perk to my still-sleepy mind.

I flip on the electric griddle, throw on some bacon, and pull out some eggs to cook in the grease that the delicious cuts leave behind. As I flip the last egg, I call out, “Breakfast is ready!”

A few moments later, my son’s mother, her husband, and their 7-month-old baby appear in the dining room. Continue reading “Why I’m renting a room from my baby mama and her husband”