You're here for a reason

If I'm doing things properly, it's because you're interested in creating a life of freedom for yourself. That's fantastic because I want that for you so badly.

That's what I'm committed to: helping people like yourself find their passion in life and creating a business around that passion.

You'll discover I'm a bit different than what you'll find when you search for "how to start a business online" or "how to make money online".

I'm not a guru.

I'm just like you, struggling day in and day out to make things happen for myself because I'm not ok being a cog in someone else's money-making machine.

There's a lot more to come, I've got a lot more learning to do, and I've got a lot more money to make. I'm taking you on the journey with me so we can do it together.

  • Why I Don’t Write Anymore

    Why I Don’t Write Anymore

    It’s been awhile since I published anything. Nobody is reading….but the fact remains. Anyway, I figured I’d explain why and see if any of you struggle with the same thing and might have some input on the matter. Niche down, baby That’s the battle cry of the day isn’t it? “You’ve got to pick something […]
  • It’s time to add some fuel to your fire

    It’s time to add some fuel to your fire

    Tell me if this doesn’t ring true for you on some level: There’s something you have always wanted to do. You see other people doing it successfully. Then you realize many of those “other people” are younger than you or right around your age. You’re not stupid so you know what they’ve created takes time. […]
  • Why I’m giving up entrepreneurship (for now)

    Why I’m giving up entrepreneurship (for now)

    Life’s funny, isn’t it? So many opportunities to do something great. So many stumbling blocks to derail you. You make plans and stick to them like gospel…. But things hardly work out the way you plan. Ask me how I know. Since you asked, let me tell you. Back to corporate America I’m scheduled for […]